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Pointe Shoe Fund

One of the most essential pieces of equipment used by the ballerinas of Tulsa Ballet is the Pointe Shoe.

  • Pointe shoes are constructed of a box in the front end of the shoe that encases and supports the dancer's toes, and a shank, which is a piece of rigid material which stiffens the sole to provide support for the arch of the foot when en pointe.
  • Pointe shoes allow our dancers to dance on the tips of their toes.
  • Pointe shoes are handmade and customized to each dancer, so they are very expensive.
  • The rigors of dance mean that our ballerinas can go through as many as 40 pairs of pointe shoes per season.
  • Depending on the choreography, some dancers have pointe shoes which will only last 1 or 2 rehearsal days, or a single performance evening.
  • With each shoe costing about $100, this is no small expense over the course of the performance year.

Last year, Tulsa Ballet spent a total of $66,000 on pointe shoes alone for the main company of dancers.

Keep our dancers on their toes and make a gift to our Pointe Shoe Fund today!

How Your Gift Helps:
  • A $100.00 donation buys one pair of pointe shoes for a Tulsa Ballet ballerina.
  • A $250.00 donation buys pointe shoes to help a Soloist through an entire classical performance weekend.
  • A $500.00 donation buys pointe shoes to help a Principal through an entire classical performance weekend.
  • Or, specify your own donation amount to give towards this fund.

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